Zett is the official magazine of Zurich University of the Arts. It is published online at A print edition appears twice a year.

Published by: Zurich University of the Arts,  Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Editors: Leoni Hof (Lead), Lea Ingber (Deputy Lead), Samuel Marty (Layout), Regula Bearth (Photography), Rita Lehnert (Image Editing), Katrin Müller (Head of University Communications)
Scouts: Mirjam Bastian, Martina Egli, Yvonne Hachem, Daniela Huser, Annina Maria Jaggy, Lena Rheinländer, Tina Tishev, Leona Veronesi, Eva Vögtli, Christina Wallat

German copy-editing: Sprach-Check, Adliswil

Translation and English copy-editing: Mark Kyburz

Webdesign: Kevin Benz

Copyright: Articles may be reprinted provided the source is clearly acknowledged. We look forward to receiving specimen copies or the corresponding weblinks.

The print editions of Zett are available as PDF files at

ISSN 2296-6021