Transforming ideas into vibrant projects

Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Alongside her studies, Linda Walter has established the Kunstlokal Festival. The venture also owes its creation to the Master in Art Education, more precisely Linda’s networking at Toni.


Martina Egli: Why did you decide to major in curatorial studies?
Linda Walter: I wanted to complement my work as a graphic designer with something social, dynamic, spatially narrative and socially relevant.

What is special about your studies?
Content is crucial. But I’m just as interested in the people reflecting on these topics and transforming them into vibrant projects. Networking at ZHdK is seriously influencing my life.

Could you think of an example?
Together with Cynthia Stucki, a graduate of the master’s in curatorial studies, and Carole Bruderer-Blanchard, a freelance educator and outreach specialist, I have developed the Kunstlokal Festival in the Zurich Oberland. We invite contemporary artists to engage with local museums, which are spread across the region — and have managed to stimulate discourse and create new approaches. After the first successful edition in autumn 2022, we are now honing our concept to mount the second edition in 2024.

Do we need art? If so, why?
I get a little stuck on the terminology. The term “art” itself is classificatory and distances itself from non-art. This classification has different purposes — among others, it serves to describe a certain quality or to achieve higher market value. In this case, the market needs art. As humans we need to consume idea-constructs with our sense to engage with and process the world. These aesthetic reflections are very valuable on an individual and on a social level.

What is your favourite place in Zurich?
I’ve only been living here for a short time. Right now, my favourites places are the Uetliberg and the lake out near the Red Factory. But the roof terrace at home is also fantastic. It isn’t furnished yet, so I climb over a small wall to the neighbour’s terrace, which has tables, benches and beanbags.

What energizes you most?
My reveries — and exploring possibilities.

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