An overdose of globules

The look for the diploma events 2023 by Nicola Canziani, Noe Arnold, Luka Vego and Joël Roth

The new diploma look has it all: the Toni disappears in an overdose of globules. Four design students designed the concept used to advertise the ZHdK diploma courses. A glimpse into their world of ideas.


How would you describe the look?
Imagine you go to the pharmacy to stock up on your monthly supply of globules. You take a globulus [/ɡloːbulʊs/ 1. spherical medicinal form mostly used in homeopathy] in your hand, add another, slightly larger black one. Then another white one, larger than the previous ones. More and more balls, white, black, white, black, the contours are formed. And there we have it: the overdose of globules.

What motivated you while working on it?
Being a part of a big design concept was tempting from the start. The fact that we now have creative control over the diploma period, during which we graduate ourselves, is a great bonus. And with the globules it was a round thing.

What inspired you to do this?
Cheers to the LED signs in pharmacies. They inspire us. Then growth hormones, they make us grow as designers and inspire our work. And that’s it: globules that grow.

Nicola Canziani, Noe Arnold, Luka Vego and Joël Roth designed the new look for the ZHdK diploma events.

Lea Ingber ( is a project manager at ZHdK University Communications.
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