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Photograph: Robertas PledasPhotographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Akvile Sileikaite Ziegler

Versatilely talented and eager to learn new things: pianist Akvile Sileikaite Ziegler takes photographs, paints and is studying the organ on the DAS Church Music and the CAS Advanced Music Pedagogy.


Yvonne Hachem: What motivates you to pursue further education?
Akvile Sileikaite Ziegler: I love to learn and want to know more — also beyond university courses and further training. I enjoy learning, developing and experimenting. Trying out everything motivates me.

How does further education influence your artistic practice?
Studying the organ gives me a different perspective on my repertoire and expands it. Music education flow into my work as a répétiteur. Everything is connected and mutually enriching.

Do we need art? And if so, why?
We are surrounded by art everywhere in our daily lives — even if we aren’t aware of this. We listen to music and watch films. Even sports events are accompanied by music and visuals. When we think of art, our thoughts quickly wander to galleries, museums or concerts. Art is everywhere and without art life would be silent and boring.

What are your current projects?
I’ve been invited to perform in my hometown Klaipėda (Lithuania) this autumn, which I’m much looking forward to. I’m also planning to explore the combination of music and photography in more detail, as well as do some other projects and play concerts. I love what I do and actually want to continue doing exactly that. If it catches on, something good will emerge from it again.

What surpasses your imagination?
I can’t imagine doing anything that might harm others. As an artist, I ask myself if there are any limits at all. I believe that you can do anything in art. If creativity has limits, they only exist in my head. So far, I haven’t reached them.

How would you describe your vision?
I want my work to speak. Art can ask questions and give voice to issues and people. I want to combine art and social engagement in my life, and thus help make the world a better place — whether directly or indirectly.

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