The art of in-between

Foto: Dominik Rogenmoser Photographs and drawings: Line Chevalley

Student portrait Line Chevalley

Line Chevalley is studying for a Master’s in Fine Arts and spent a semester in Athens with “Transcultural Collaboration,” the international student programme. In her art, she is always looking for contrariness.


Eva Vögtli: How have your studies shaped your artistic practice so far?
Line Chevalley: My lecturers have advised me to make precise decisions. I’ve immersed myself in readymades, where choosing accurate titles is crucial. A precise creative process gives the work autonomy.

What are you working on at the moment?
My artistic practice involves assembling many different techniques such as drawing, analog photography, sculpture and text. Right now, I’m working on my texts and their shape and appearance in space. I read them aloud and discover how my voice opens up an additional layer. I’m generally very interested in everyday language, also in alleged oxymorons. I’m attracted by the in-between, this subtle moment of opposites.

You spent September to mid-December 2021 in Athens with “Transcultural Collaboration,” an international semester programme for Master’s students.
Exactly, the project is a collaboration between different universities in Europe and Asia. This year’s topic was “Contamination/ Affection.” We learned about urbanization in Athens and the problems this causes. We explored several city neighbourhoods and looked at their architecture, recent history and migration. Working in an interdisciplinary group requires listening to each other, but also representing your own ideas.

Do we need art? And if so, why?
Yes, we do, because arts holds in store more questions than answers. Art, in whatever discipline, is able to touch and enliven us. An emotional reaction to a work is already a success. Art awakens sensations and connects us with our feelings, which often remain suppressed in everyday life.

What has been your best decision so far?
Not giving up. During my Bachelor’s in Lausanne, I sometimes wondered where things were heading. Then I came to Zurich, where I didn’t know anyone at first. I stood up for myself and continued to make art, even though I knew that art is anything but an easy field. Moving into it with a certain openness, however, holds unexpected possibilities.

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