A little moment of silence

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Laura Morales is one of only two students taking the Master camera program each year. Shooting days can be long and exhausting. But those moments at a film set, when all the pieces come together, make it all worth it.



Lea Ingber: Has your programme so far met your expectations?
Laura Morales: After working as a photographer and studying film in Geneva I wanted to learn more about the technical approach. Zurich is the best place in Switzerland to do it. I like the fact that the teachers support us when we ask for help or tips, but on the other hand they offer us freedom and trust.

What are your current projects?
I work with director student Andrea Popović for his final master film, that we shoot in Belgrad. You learn something new with each film. For example, the last film I did had a mix of Guy Ritchie and James Bond references. I decided to work on it because my work is normally pretty far from theses codes and aesthetics, and it was a chance to grow further.

What is your favourite moment while filming?
It is the little moment of silence. You’re filming a take, the actor nailed it, the camera did a good job, everything worked. And when you cut, you have this little moment of silence. You can feel the common joy, everybody is looking at each other and we all now: this was a good take.

The profession of cinematographer has changed a lot in recent years, now that everyone can film with a cell phone.
Personally, I like that everybody can film with a cell phone. It helps politically and for media coverage. And i don’t feel that it effects my work as a cinematographer. Not everyone is able to create good light and composition, and those elements are what make a good picture.

What are your plans after studying?
I hope I can work on a long featured documentary and continue to develop my work in fiction projects. And I also aim to direct a documentary myself. I’m really interested in tourism and neocolonialism, especially the relationship between a tourist guide and people who visit remote places.

Who or what deserves to be listened to more closely?
Time. As cinematographers we fight against the clock all the time and try to push the limits. We should work with time and be more carefully with it.

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Lea Ingber (lea.ingber@zhdk.ch)is a project manager at ZHdK University Communications.
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