Crypto art, climate issues and the future of exhibitions

Collage: Ugo Pecoraio, Photos: Regula Bearth

Ugo Pecoraio is exploring digital exhibition formats as part of his Master of Arts in Art Education and questioning the eco-balance of classical museums.



Martina Egli: Why did you decide to specialise in Curatorial Studies?
Ugo Pecoraio: As a designer, I have always asked myself how a work can best be communicated, staged and exhibited. The current crisis has revealed the weaknesses of museums and exhibition centres in this regard, but it has also highlighted opportunities. Whatever path institutions choose, they have to adapt in order not to disappear from our lives. During my studies, I would like to reflect on spaces of possibility, develop new approaches through dialogue and perhaps even try them out.

What are your current projects?
Ugo Pecoraio: All my projects explore how to reshape the future of exhibitions. What possibilities do seemingly endless virtual spaces offer? How does digitality influence museums, exhibition venues and the art of the future? And how can we manage to realize exhibitions that not only warn us about climate change by means of art, but also take shaping our future into their own hands with climate-neutral exhibition formats?

Do we need art? And if so, why?
Art is indispensable for society! Artists engage with the critical questions of our time and help us think about the present. However, I doubt that art will still be hanging primarily on walls in the future. Perhaps we will soon have collections on our smartphone or carry digital works of art with us on a data carrier. The NFTs, non-fungible tokens, on the crypto market are currently showing tendencies in this direction. Whether crypto art will be the future of the art market or just a hype remains to be seen.

Who or what deserves closer listening?
Our future. Action is essential to ensure we have a future worth living on Planet Earth. In the arts, we still have some catching up to do. Numerous museums are still incredible energy guzzlers with their blockbuster exhibitions.


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