Dancing against the virus

The pandemic year 2020 is impressively depicted by dance students in the video “Antiviral”. Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Coronavirus has not only digitized parts of teaching and research at ZHdK: the annual report is also appearing as an online publication for the first time. What is new is that a central theme summarizes the most important events of the past year and is interpreted by a discipline. Dance students get us started.



Slowdown during lockdown. Students from the Bachelor in Contemporary Dance translated this feature of the pandemic into a dance choreography. The motif guiding their film is playing with rhythm, pace and temporal distortion. Even during lockdown, dance continued at ZHdK, although practising was complicated by the closed studios, having to wear masks or adhering to distancing rules. Even if restraint and restriction played their part: thanks to creative solutions and team spirit, dance students and faculty are confidently looking to the future.

Ihsan Rustem and Friederike Lampert
Marta Allocco, Julian Beairsto, Beatrice Castaldo, Giusy Fanaro, Nicole Llaurado Neve, Marta Llopis Mollá, Naomi Roth, Lavinia Tinagli, Gion Treichler, Sofie Van Doorn, Alieke Vinkenborg
Arman Grigoryan (dance assistant), Gian Paul Lozza (director), Tom Elliot (director of photography), Marko Strihic (editor), Luca Magni (composition)
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