Focus Unusual pairs


At first glance, things don’t really seem to fit — yet a second glance reveals: What a duo! Unconventional co-productions, amazing connections or unusual pairs: in them resides a tension, yet also potential inspiration. New interfaces and perspectives are created.

Artist duo Rico & Michael is a tried and tested team that constantly dares to collaborate on new projects. The Shared Campus cooperation platform brings together European and Asian art schools, allows cultures to clash and new ideas to emerge.

A 15-year partnership is definitely a “match”! What brought acting and brain research together? Emotions! When art meets business, force fields bearing creative potential emerge and original ideas turn into hip products. Another unconventional duo, one that ZHdK lecturer and researcher Bitten Stetter believes can and should go hand in hand: death and design.

Popular culture has taken a liking to the organ and has discovered the unexpected, says Tobias Willi, head of the profile in Church Music. New connections are also made possible by the major-minor study model, which paves the way for unique interdisciplinary combinations and breaks up old structures.

Willimann/Arai’s series of photographs shows that guests and hosts are incredibly similar yet different.


Gianna Bärtsch is a project manager at ZHdK University Communications.
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