Are you new at ZHdK? Here’s what you need to know!

Over 700 curious faces: New students at the opening of the 2019 academic year. Photograph: Gianna Bärtsch © ZHdK

Over 600 curious faces: New students at the opening of the 2020 academic year. Photograph: Gianna Bärtsch© ZHdK

Are you one of the 697 students beginning their course at ZHdK? Is everything new and you’ve got lots and lots questions? The Zett Editorial team went round campus in search of answers to at least some of those questions: about using the workshops, where to pick up your matriculation number, which foods are trending at Molki cafeteria and loads more. Important information about the current situation can be found in the General Protection Plan.


May I use the workshop on my own?
Adrian Brazerol, Head of the Teaching Workshops, Production Centre: Yes, you may! Once you have completed the relevant Z-Tech course, nothing stops you from pursuing your design ideas with a 3D printer or CO2 laser printer. Our ten workshops have around six hundred machines to help users work with a wide variety of materials. You must, however, observe the “Spezifische Schutzkonzept Produktionszentrum”.

Is there a student organisation that I can join?
Jonathan Steiger, VERSO Communications Office: VERSO, ZHdK’s student organisation, enables students to share their opinions and actively participate in university life. Meet us and other students at the regulars’ table in the entrance hall or go along to a student meeting in your department! Check our website ( for meeting dates and our market place (Marktplatz) for accommodation and job offers.

Where can I find the latest university news?
Gianna Bärtsch, Project Manager, ZHdK University Communications: Check ZHdK’s social media channels. Our Twitter and Facebook pages include event tips, raffles and news. We are always searching for the best impressions of campus life for our Instagram account. Zett Online, our university magazine, publishes interviews, portraits, essays and reports from around campus every week. If you prefer analog formats, grab a copy of the current print edition next to reception in the entrance hall.

What are the peak periods at the cafeterias?
Marialaura Aceituno, ZFV Buffet Staff: Between 10.00 and 10.30am. Our two cafeterias brew around 650 cups of coffee every day. If you are queuing and falling asleep, I recommend the breakfast trolley (“Znüni-Wägeli”) in the entrance hall. Waiting times are usually shorter there.


What does the President of ZHdK do?
Thomas D. Meier, President: Together with my colleagues of the University Board, I am responsible for ZHdK’s strategic orientation and management. I also represent the university externally, in national and international committees and maintain contacts with politicians, officials and local authorities. I look forward to the new semester kicking off, when the buzz around campus returns after the summer break!

Where can I get my matriculation number?
Sara Guntern, University Office: If you have a Swiss university admissions certificate, please post it to us by 30 September. We will then affix your matriculation number on your certificate and return it. If you have a foreign admissions document, your matriculation number will be issued when you register at the University Office (Hochschuladministration).


I’ve lost my Campus Card! Where do I start looking?
Edina Filan, Housekeeping and Security Office: At reception, because that’s where the lost property office is. If that doesn’t help, we are still the right place to contact. We will replace your card so you can open doors around campus, make photocopies, borrow books or buy food in the canteen.


Why should I still go to the library in the digital age?
Irene Ragaller, Knowledge Transfer Coordinator, Media and Information Centre: Because we can do much more than Google — and offer a lot more than just books: for example, electronic media that are not freely available online. We help you find what you really need amid the information deluge — among others, with our tailored courses and personal research consultations. The library is also a wonderful place to find inspiration, to study in a concentrated way or to take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Check here for background and current information. You can also visit us online of course!


Can I discover food trends in the Molki canteen?
Raphael Schmid, ZFV Catering Operations Manager: The Molki is a paradise for lovers of regional classics and exotic dishes. We offer Valais rösti or schnitzel as well as North African tajines or falafel burgers. Our menu planning closely heeds sustainability standards and always takes vegetarian and vegan requirements into account. From 26 October 2020, we will once again be hosting our sustainability week with exciting culinary creations.


I’ve got the ideas, who’s got the technology?
Mara Güntensperger, AV Loans, Production Centre: The AV Loans Service is your gateway to the world of audiovisual technology at ZHdK. Do you need an SLR camera, a fog machine or an amplifier? Browse our online lending system and rent equipment for your projects free of charge. Are you a tech novice and can’t navigate our large selection? No problem! We offer personal advice to help you find the right device.


Can I study abroad?
Kristina Jungic, Outgoings Exchange Coordinator, International Office: You can spend a semester abroad as part of your degree studies. Marseille, Buenos Aires or Hangzhou? You are spoilt for choice — because ZHdK cooperates with over 150 universities worldwide. The International Office will support you in preparing and organising your stay abroad. Visit us at our end-of-year information event (more details to follow) or online.


Where can I find inspiration?
Manuela Moor, Head of Visitor Services, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich: Treat yourself to a creative break now and then and visit the Museum für Gestaltung. ZHdK students have free admission to the main museum building at Ausstellungsstrasse 60, as well as to our annex at the Toni-Areal. The exhibition “Swiss Design Lounge” has been conceived as a meeting place and is ideal for working, reading or drinking coffee.


Editorial note: This article is a slightly revised version of the original text, which was published on 17 September 2018.

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As of 12 September, the revised «ZHdK General Protection Plan for Covid-19» has been in force (hereinafter the General Protection Plan).
Giulia Adagazza was a project manager at ZHdK University Communications.
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