From carpenter to industrial designer

Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student Portrait Linus Maurmann

As a carpenter, Linus Maurmann lacked professional versatility. He is now living this desire to the full both on and beyond his industrial design course.


Giulia Adagazza: What are your current projects?
Linus Maurmann: I am implementing a World Archive for ZHdK’s International Office. The project involves producing an interactive physical world map that provides information about ZHdK’s partner universities. The individual countries can be removed as tiles from the map and placed on a screen, which provides the corresponding information. Outside my studies I do scenography and sound design projects. At the moment I am preparing a solo exhibition for a Berlin gallery that will be shown in June 2020. For the exhibition I am designing electronic tools that measure my movements, pulse and heartbeat live for two weeks. Software then converts this data into images and sounds. I also produce my own range of touring skis in my studio in Schaffhausen.

What is “raw” about your work?
Whenever possible, I work without casing. I like seeing how a device works. Besides, I like staying true to the materials.

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Giulia Adagazza was project manager at ZHdK Communications.
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