More Space for Creativity, Boredom and Experiments

During Corona, Zainab Erbudak Lascandri could only perform via Internet, for example at the Zoom-In Festival of Swissnex in April 2020. Photos: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student Portrait Zainab Erbudak Lascandri

Zainab Erbudak Lascandri has been involved in interdisciplinary artistic projects since she was young. The Master of Arts in Transdisciplinary Studies allows her to combine her experience in theatre, film, music, scenography and performance.


Martina Egli: Why did you choose the MA in Transdisciplinary Studies?
Zainab Erbudak Lascandri: I get so carried away with my artistic projects that I barely have time to reflect on my work. The MA programme enables me to critically examine my own artistic position and its environment: for example, various forms of collaboration.

What are you working on?
The federal covid-19 regulations have stopped all my concerts, as well as two set design projects, one for a film, the other for the stage. Right now, I am developing my writing project in interaction with my practical master’s thesis. My text explores backstage as an interstice, a space inbetween, in a philosophical, symbolic and architectural sense. In parallel, I am working on my band project, the duo None Of Them ((Link:

What does being productive mean to you?
For me there are very different basic conditions for being productive. Sometimes it helps if I devote myself to methods or structures. Sometimes I try to create a space without any time and financial pressure to be able to experiment. Sometimes boredom stimulates me to be productive. In any case, being productive includes consciously attempting to pursue and implement ideas practically or theoretically.

What inspires you?
Moments, people, objects or even abstract events that irritate me.

Who or what doesn’t suit you at all?
Not changing habits.

What would you change in Zurich?
In my utopian perspective, Zurich would no longer exist. It would simply be a part of our Earth. We would have a concept of society in which people would be less stigmatised, be it by their geographical and cultural background, social status, sexual and religious orientation or desired family structure. We would have more space and time for living beings, qualitative work, leisure, creativity, boredom and experiments.


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