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Everything begins in a raw state. It is the starting point, the point of departure. This issue focuses on the raw and leads back to origins, looks at the beginnings of creation and creativity, makes creative processes visible and presents the unpolished.

Alumnus and prix-netzhdk winner Dominic Oppliger treats his words with merciless rudimentariness and without tampering. His dialect texts take effect through their sound, irritate us with their appearance and comprise letter combinations that seem distant and yet so close. From one raw material to another: Willy Guhl’s iconic chair, made from fibre cement, appears reserved, yet so selfevident as if it had grown naturally. It is a favourite piece, which has long adorned swimming pools and now also the Toni Campus’s atriums.

The unpretentious, demanding and uncompromising also fascinate faculty member Aldo Mozzini. His award-winning “Quasi Cane” emerged from the dirty rags left over from the intaglio printing classes he teaches at ZHdK. The highest goal of his work: a rough-edged result. And the courage to leave things as they are. “A song is never finished,” say music students Silas Kutschmann and Yves Gerber. The singer and the sound engineer recount how a raw idea becomes a well mixed song. They describe the role of emotions in the creative process and what its intermediate stages are. Next stop: Toni Campus, level 7. White walls at an arts university have a special appeal. Now they are playing the leading role in a fine arts module. The whole experiment and its colourful outcome are presented on Zett online.

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Gianna Bärtsch is a project manager at ZHdK University Communications.
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