Balancing theory and practice

Fotos: Regula Bearth Tanja Spielmann at the rehearsal for the play “Ich warte nicht, bis du tot bist – Keine Trauerfeier für Florin” Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Study portrait Tanja Spielmann

Tanja Spielmann is studying dramaturgy on the BA Theatre. Her everyday theatre work involves engaging with texts and pursuing her own writing projects and scenic experimentation


Giulia Adagazza: Has your programme fulfilled your expectations?
Tanja Spielmann: Tanja Spielmann: It has actually surpassed them. The wide range of electives enables us to set our own priorities. I can explore scientific, literary and dramatic texts, write my own texts and experiment with scenic projects. This makes my course very versatile.

What have you got planned after graduation?
I would like to continue my studies and perhaps do a Master’s or a second Bachelor’s. Later, I would like to work somewhere that focuses on working with texts. Or as a dramatic adviser at a theatre festival: travelling around, previewing performances and putting together an exciting festival programme — that would be the jackpot!

BA Theatre, Dramaturgy
Further student portraits published in Zett.
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