“Writing became too one-dimensional for me”

The Zwicky Süd residential district in Dübendorf inspires design student Mario Fuchs because it stands for new forms of living and coexistence. Photo: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Mario Fuchs

As a journalist, language was Mario Fuchs’ narrative tool for ten years. In his Cast / Audiovisual Media studies, the 30-year-old is learning to tell stories using sound and images.


Giulia Adagazza: Why are you studying Cast / Audiovisual Media?
Mario Fuchs: After ten years as a newspaper journalist, writing had become too one-dimensional for me. In the written word, closeness and emotions are often lost. The Cast/Audiovisual Media programme is teaching me to tell stories not only with words, but also in audio formats and with videos. The course teaches me the technical knowledge, gives me tools for the creative process and teaches me how to reach my target group. I am particularly interested in stories in the fields of music and culture as a whole. The Toni Campus offers me the perfect environment to make contacts with musicians and artists.

Has the programme so far fulfilled your expectations?
Yes. For example, we were able to make a short documentary film and to produce a video clip for Universal Music. Developing a fictional story from scratch and turning it into music – that was great!

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