Theatre as a laboratory

David Reichel at Demut-Brunnen on Zurich's Werdplatz. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait David Reichel

Theatre education student David Reichel creates space on stage for socially relevant themes and has already taken part in a fictitious wedding during his studies.


Giulia Adagazza: Why are you studying theatre education?
David Reichel: I have always seen theatre as a laboratory in which social phenomena can be made visible and explored. I longed for a professional field in which I could work with people and artistically deal with my environment. This is exactly what the Theatre Education programme promotes. I focus on socially relevant topics and set up projects with amateurs and theatre professionals. I stand at the door to the theatre and see myself as a link between audience and stage.

Which play inspired you most recently?
Stijn Dijkema, a Dutch guest student, staged a fictitious wedding party as part of our module “Theatre as Critique.” He took to the streets and randomly invited passers-by to join the festivities. It was a very lively evening during which people who would probably never have met in everyday life celebrated and discussed with each other. Stijn Dijkema wanted us to expand and leave the social cocoons in which we move every day.

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