Feel-good places made of cardboard

Jennifer Kos in ihrem Arbeitszimmer in Baar. Fotos: Regula Bearth © ZHdKJennifer Kos in her study in Baar. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Jennifer Kos

Jennifer Kos is studying Art Education and specialising in Aesthetic Education and Socioculture. She finds inspiration in all kinds of materials. During her internship with psychiatric patients, she used cardboard to stage feel-good places.


Giulia Adagazza: What inspires you?
Jennifer Kos: Materials inspire me most. Even as a child, I collected everything that might be useful later. I still do that today. In my study in Baar, I have an old pharmacy cupboard filled with collected fabrics, leather scraps, wire and stones in various colours and sizes. Each drawer holds a secret and inspires new projects.

How do you use materials in your projects?
I spent a semester at the Psychiatrie St. Gallen Nord in Wil. In the clinic’s Living Museum I developed an educational project on space and spatial perception. Outpatients and inpatients were invited to stage feel-good places with cardboard. It was enriching and exciting to interact directly with people and to adapt the project to their needs and previous knowledge.

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