Elastic Plastic Space Power Gangster Future Pop?

They have known each other since their music studies at ZHdK: Ikan Hyu. Photograph: Anne Lakeman

Ikan Hyu, what is Elastic Plastic Space Power Gangster Future Pop?

Elastic Plastic Space Power Gangster Future Pop is a music style that was created in the greater Zurich area in 2016. Its main initiator and sole representative to this day is the duo Ikan Hyu, aka Ikan Paus! consisting of Hannah Bissegger and Anisa Djojoatmodjo, aka Fox and Mojo.

In an aesthetics between outer space and the deep sea, the usual distribution of roles within a band yields to an unconventional set-up: rich synthesizer basses and electronic bass drum sounds on the ocean floor, expressive vocals and rap in space, electric guitar, drum and all kinds of other samples in between. The following instruments and synthesizers may also be used: Arp Omni 2, Kaossilator Pro, Microkorg, Omnichord,маэстро and Theremin. Typically for the genre, all instruments are played by only two musicians dressed in striking stage outfits — preferably made of silver plastic leather and denim.

The lyrical preoccupation with social constructs, but also creative expression in the form of nonsense texts and a self-ironic attitude are further important components of this musical style. Besides sharks and whales, zebras are preferred symbols in Elastic Plastic Space Power Gangster Future Pop. Zebras or their stripes often appear in song lyrics and as imprints on drum rugs or stage outfits.

Ikan Hyu will be performing at the “30 Years Jazzvoc Zurich” party. Friday, 28 September 2018, 10 pm Musikklub Mehrspur, Toni-Areal, Förrlibuckstrasse 109, Zurich
Ikan Hyu are ZHdK alumnae Hannah Bissegger and Anisa Djojoatmodjo.
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