Don’t pile on the pressure

Salome Tschudin. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Salome Tschudin

After a commercial apprenticeship, language stays abroad and various jobs, Salome Tschudin discovered her current specialisation in aesthetic education and socio-culture on the BA Art Education while doing ZHdK’s foundation course.


Andrea Zeller: Which artwork has inspired you most recently?
Salome Tschudin: At Documenta I saw a work by the artist Herman de Vries. The picture shows coloured rectangles, earth from all over the world rubbed clean. These numerous colour variations of our planet inspired me.

What is your dream profession?
I would like to work in education — with school children or adults. I might even get my general qualification for university entrance and study art history, who knows? Experience tells me that there are always new possibilities if you keep an open mind and don’t pile on the pressure.

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