Art helps to perceive the world differently

Oliver Brunko. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK Photograph: Oliver BrunkoFoto: Oliver BrunkoFoto: Oliver Brunko

Student portrait Oliver Brunko

Oliver Brunko completed the ZHdK Foundation Course and is now studying video/moving images in the Bachelor of Arts & Media. Various stations led him to ZHdK: an apprenticeship as a design engineer in the field of space travel, civil service, and five years at Empa in materials research.


Andrea Zeller: What are you working on?
Oliver Brunko: I am doing a project about boulders — large stones that have been transported to all kinds of places by glaciers. For a long time this was not known, however, and there were numerous theories as to how the stones could have got there: through the work of the devil, by volcanoes… It was not until geological research was undertaken that scientific explanations were found. What fascinates me about this work is that we only see a snapshot of a long process. The overall picture must be constructed and understood with great effort.

Why do we need art?
Art helps me to perceive the world across a wider spectrum. It opens up thematic areas that receive little room for discussion in everyday life. Engaging with it broadens our view on human desires, hopes, and needs.

BA Art & Media
Andrea Zeller was a project manager at ZHdK University Communications.
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