Telling stories in texts, videos, and animations

Arzije Asani. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Arzije Asani

Arzije Asani is doing her BA in Design in Cast / Audiovisual Media. The 23-year-old wants to convey ideas and tell stories as a video journalist. 


Andrea Zeller: What made you choose your programme?
Arzije Asani: I want to learn how to communicate my ideas and important events to people, and that’s exactly what we do at Cast / Audiovisual Media. We learn to tell stories — in texts, videos, or animations. The different formats mean that we constantly need to reconsider how we communicate a story so that it reaches its target audience.

What is your favourite place in Zurich?
Café Zähringer. Everyone is always very welcome. I can indulge my thoughts or have exciting discussions with other guests. People from all walks of life meet here.

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