The documentary is my home

Julia Furer. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Julia Furer

Julia Furer’s eye keenly explores the foreign and the uncertain. In the documentary, she has discovered the ideal medium for capturing the stories emerging from her explorations while doing a Master’s in Film at ZHdK.


Judith Hunger: What are you currently working on?
Julia Furer: I’m busy with my Master’s project, my first fulllength documentary, “Merci de votre visite.” It explores relationships between people from Marocco and Europe. I’m especially interested in how love and hope can grow into mutual dependence. My film sheds light on this broad, universal theme based on different stories.

Do you have a dream profession once you graduate?
I’m very communicative and visual. The documentary is my home and what I love most.

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