“Music different from mine inspires me”

Martin Deplazes. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Martin Deplazes

Martin Deplazes already holds a Bachelor’s in Music. The 26-year-old from Winterthur has been majoring in popular guitar music on the Master’s in Music Pedagogy since 2016.


Valérie Hug: Where does your inspiration come from?
Martin Deplazes: Basically, I’m interested in what takes place in and around my life. I often find inspiration in music that is different to mine. For instance, Black Metal, classical opera, or dubstep. I’m not at home in any of these styles, but I’m interested in how they work. They give me new ideas for my own projects. Right now, I’m in a Beatles and Bob Dylan phase.

How do you prepare for concerts?
Long-term mostly by rehearsing a lot, to make sure my playing is on top of things. I usually don’t eat before going on stage because I get too tired otherwise. I spend time with the band and have fun. From time to time, though, I like
being on my own, telling myself, “Look, whatever happens, this is really cool, that’s why you’re here, doing what you’re doing.” Emanating positive energy on stage is crucial—people soon notice if you’re not with it.

Valérie Hug (valerie.hug@zhdk.ch) is studying Cultural Publishing at ZHdK and was a communications intern at ZHdK.
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