Fascinated by Max Frisch

Alan Maag. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Student portrait Alan Maag

Despite holding a degree in photographic design, 38-year-old Alan Maag is a Photography major on the Bachelor of Arts in Art & Media.


Valérie Hug: What are you working on at the moment?
Alan Maag: My current project involves close collaboration with the Max Frisch Archive at the ETH Library. It pays homage to Frisch, the author, but also captures on photographic record some of his personal belongings, including written materials like notebooks and transcripts, as well as everyday objects like spectacles, pipes, old 8mm cameras, and typewriters. My semester paper presents one of the pictures shot in connection with the project: a selection of Frisch’s blue notebooks from the period 1944–1951. He recorded many of his preliminary ideas and thoughts for some of his acclaimed works and novels in these booklets. My work enables the viewer to explore this period of Frisch’s life and work and to surmise who the author was and what inspired him.

What is your favourite spot in Zurich?
I enjoy nights, when it’s raining and everything is twinkling in the dark. This needn’t be in Zurich of course. The main thing is that the colours are reflected and distorted by the wet streets.

BA Art & Media
Valérie Hug (valerie.hug@zhdk.ch) is studying Cultural Publishing at ZHdK and was a communications intern at ZHdK.
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