More space for space

Silja Senn. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

More space for space

Student portrait Silja Senn

From Chur to Zurich via Bern. 26-year-old Silja Senn already holds a Bachelor’s in Nursery and Primary Education. The Grisons-born student is now in her second semester as a scenography major at the Bachelor of Theatre.


Valérie Hug: What inspires you?
Silja Senn: Zurich is ideal for discovering so many new things. I like to be inspired by my surroundings and everyday situations, for instance, walking through town, down Langstrasse, or riding bus route 32. And I enjoy rummaging through ZHdK’s props and equipment store — which is wonderfully inspiring.

What’s your dream profession once you graduate?
That’s a difficult question. Right now, I’m considering doing stage design at a theatre. But I could also imagine doing a Master’s in Fine Arts, because I’m fascinated by spatial installations.

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