Longing for versatility

Meret Sue Weilemann. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Longing for versatility

Student portrait Meret Sue Weilenmann

Meret Sue Weilenmann grew up in the Zürcher Oberland and now lives in Zurich. She is a fourth-semester Bachelor of Music and Movement student.


Valérie Hug: Why did you decide to do a Bachelor’s in Music and Movement?
Meret Sue Weilenmann: The course brings together so many things that I enjoy doing in my private life: working with people, being creative and dancing with others, music, etc. This versatility attracted me.

What’s your dream profession once you graduate?
Ideally, it would have many different aspects. I would love to teach children, but also to pursue my own projects and be involved in stage productions. I could even imagine becoming a lecturer one day.

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