Living creativity to the full

Bálint Liptay. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

Living creativity to the full

Student portrait Bálint Liptay

Bálint Liptay grew up in Hungary and has been living in Basel and Zurich for five years. After earning a degree in economics, he is now doing a Master’s in Transdisciplinary Studies.


Perrine Yarar: Why did you choose a Master’s in Transdisciplinary Studies?
Bálint Liptay: The course is ideal because it allows me to bring together all my various projects and events. I want to live my creativity to the full. Transdisciplinarity gives me the freedom to engage with and try out different formats. As I’m also interested in doing exhibitions, I really like the fact that we can attend modules on event organisation.

What’s your dream profession once you graduate?
My dream job involves working closely with other artists. I don’t want to be guided by money and profit. I guess I’ll be doing a job on the side to pay my way. Another, though still remote dream is to open my own artists’ space.

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