Yvonne Schmidt, what is the Rimini Protokoll?

Rimini Protokoll: this is the name of a German-Swiss performance collective that has been producing a rich variety of theatrical formats situated at the interface between theatre and society and extending across various media since 2002. The collective’s work spans the beginnings of the documentary “expert theatre” of the noughties, where lay actors take to the stage as experts in certain areas of everyday life and performance, to mobile and multimedia explorations of performative spaces. Common to the performances, films, and radio plays are questions about representation and perception, in theatre and daily life, explorations of the actor-audience relation, and an artistic preoccupation with current social and political affairs. Rimini Protokoll — whose members are Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi, and Daniel Wetzel — enjoy great international success and have won numerous awards and prizes.

“Disability on Stage: Exploring the Physical in Performing Arts Practices” is a project about dancers and performers with disabilities. Based at ZHdK’s Institute for the Performing Arts and Film, it is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.
Dr. Yvonne Schmidt (yvonne.schmidt@zhdk.ch) is a lecturer and project leader at the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film, Zurich University of the Arts.
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