“Everything can be inspiring”

Jan Willem de With. Photographs: Regula Bearth © ZHdK

“Everything can be inspiring”

Student portrait Jan Willem de With

Jan Willem de With is from Hamburg/Lüneburg and lives in Zurich. He is doing a Bachelor’s in Composition and Music Theory, specialising in composing music for the cinema, theatre, and other media.


Perrine Yarar: What inspires you?
Jan Willem de With: Everything that happens around me can inspire my work. That’s the beauty of a creative profession. I find working with other creative people especially inspiring. If things click on a personal level with a director and one shares the same goals, this can really kick-start and genuinely inspire a project.

What’s your dream profession once you graduate?
I’d like to compose film scores together with other creative, ambitious people and get interesting projects off the ground. Working in Hollywood would be tempting, but I could easily imagine helping the Swiss film industry progress.

BA Composition and Music Theory
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Perrine Yarar was a communications intern at ZHdK.
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